ECOPOTS is an exciting brand in flower pots, plant pots and planters for both indoor and outdoor use. It combines design with innovation and usability with sustainability and is the go-to brand for people who are looking for timeless design in pots for home, garden or balcony.

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Recently, the EU announced a ban on the use of single use plastics. A significant step we support dearly, but we also think in this whole discussion a mayor issue is being overlooked.

Many years ago producers set out to develop the best products possible. Products which would last and last. Washing machines, cars, televisions and garden furniture. Perhaps not always made in the most sustainable way, but at least they were products people could use for say 20 years. In our opinion, that’s still the most durable way of making products.


Unfortunately, those years have been long gone. Nowadays the common objective seems to be to develop products with a short life span. Marketing departments create trends with which they endorse their products. And we all fall for it. Products have to be hot right now, never mind about how they will look, perform or last tomorrow. A bit strange, isn’t it? And yet, we all go to discounters to buy funky stuff we don’t need, accept the fact we buy televisions which break down after 3 years and head to garden centres each spring to buy some odd trendy plant pots. Lime ones today, perhaps pink ones next year. Today’s products have become tomorrows’ waste.


We don’t like that.


Let us start with turning things around. Let’s start by making today’s waste into tomorrow’s products. At ECOPOTS we do this by using recycled single use plastic waste for the production of our pots. Waste like plastic bags and bottles, one of the main ingredients of the ginormous ‘plastic soup’ that’s polluting our oceans, make for a perfect material to produce durable and high quality flower pots and planters and we simply don’t see why we should be using virgin raw materials for this.


And when we do make new products, let us then make sure that the products we make last longer than thought out trends. If we stop buying rubbish, producers will stop making it. Instead, let’s go once again for high quality products which not only look nice today, but also in a few years’ time. Let’s go back to products that last.


At ECOPOTS, we don’t do trends. We have a range of products with a timeless design. We offer a limited amount of really nice, natural colours, none of which are trendy. Our philosophy is simple; if you need something pink in your life, how about buying a nice pink blooming plant instead of a weird pink flower pot? That way we will reduce the amount of plant pots being thrown away because they've become out of fashion and we all buy more plants. How’s that for a sustainable future?


Think about it.

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