ECOPOTS is an exciting brand in flower pots, plant pots and planters for both indoor and outdoor use. It combines design with innovation and usability with sustainability and is the go-to brand for people who are looking for timeless design in pots for home, garden or balcony.

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Orchids remain as popular as ever. I can really understand why: those amazing flowers, the lively colours... orchids bring life into the home. The only tricky thing is that orchids don't need a lot of water and are very sensitive about getting too much. The roots need to stay nice and dry, which isn't always easy to achieve in a normal pot or vase. That's how I came up with the ECOPOTS Morinda: an eco friendly flowerpot which is specially designed for orchids, with a raised section in the base which allows excess water to drain away and keeps the roots nice and dry. Given the right care, orchids will grow and flower for a long time. Our Morinda flowerpot now makes that a lot easier.




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