why ECOPOTS uses recycled plastics

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Since mankind started using it, we've used

8.300.000.000 tonnes of plastic

(Yep, that's 8.3 billion x 1000 kg ...)

this weight roughly equals






plastic bags

are being made from virgin materials.

New bags, often to be turned into waste after just a single use

every year we use more than

80.000.000 tonnes

of plastics of which


is being recycled


is being burned


ends up as landfill and in our oceans

we need to recycle more.

we need to use more recycled materials.

and we need more durable products

the world

demands this.

this is why ECOPOTS

uses up to 65% of recycled plastics for our pots

offer a ten year warranty on our pots

because the most durable products are not only those made from recycled materials, but also those you don't have to replace every year due to trends or breakage

ECOPOTS. durability by design

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