ECOPOTS is an exciting brand in flower pots, plant pots and planters for both indoor and outdoor use. It combines design with innovation and usability with sustainability and is the go-to brand for people who are looking for timeless design in pots for home, garden or balcony.

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ECOPOTS is a brand of The POTS Company

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It's obvious that plants usually require a lot of water on a regular basis, but it's still hard to work out how much water a plant needs. After all, overwatering isn't good either. Using a saucer is often the easiest solution, but it doesn't look...

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As an architect I have a different way of looking at things like functionality and aesthetics. ECOPOTS is, because of this, no ordinary brand. What is logical to some I find unlogical and vice versa. With this, the brand evolves with a range of eco friendly flowerpots that not only distinguishes itself through timeless design, but in which innovations are key in making life both easier and prettier. This synergy is my ambition. I am more than happy to take you on a tour on our innovations. Talking about it is one thing, seeing it is completely different altogether...

Nicolaes Devriendt

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