Think different

As part of our architectural DNA, we always push our selves to think of new solutions to makes flower pots and planters better and smarter while remaining timeless and stunning in their design. 


Ecopots Amsterdam and Paris On Wheels

Adding wheels to large planters is nothing new, but fitting real, heavy duty wheels is. And we did, making moving your large Amsterdam or Paris childsplay.

Ecopots Hanging Bruges

We love balcony planters, but we hate the ugly brackets you need to hang them. So we designed the planter with he brackets included. Simple and stunning.

The Ecopots Venice is a very good testament of our design thinking. Instead of adding a saucer under you pot, we have incorporated it in the design, making it sleek and smart

Ecopots Venice

What applies for the Hanging Bruges also applies to the Hanging Brussels; why do hanging pots always have the ugly brackets in plain sight? So we designed the pot with thin steel cables which go in the pot directly. So sleek.

Ecopots Hanging Brussels

What do you think is our smartest innovation?

Ecopots Manhattan series

The Ecopots Manhattan is a 'mix and match' series of planters ideal for creating your own vertical garden. They can be hung on a wall blind and come in three sizes (S, M and L). Combine them to create an impressive green wall, indoors or outdoors.

Ecopots Saucer on wheels

Like the Amsterdam and Paris On Wheels, the Saucer On Wheels features real, heavy duty wheels to move your pot around easily.

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