20350_CO2-Neutral label_CO2logic_ECOPOTS
20350_CO2-Neutral label_CO2logic_ECOPOTS

About Ecopots

Durability by design

We believe in durability. With millions of tons of waste thrown away each year we find it hard to believe why products still are being made from new raw materials when there is so much waste that can be reused. So Ecopots are made from a unique blend of recycled materials, of which 80% are recycled plastics.

But being a durable brand we like to take things a step further and reduce our environmental footprint even more. In November 2020 we were the first brand in flower pots and planters to receive both the CO2 Neutral Product and the CO2 Neutral Company certificate. This certificate guarantees our calculation, reducing and compensation of our local and global impact. The certificate can only be achieved through serious climate efforts and is validated by Vincotte. Through the CO2Logic program we support three amazing climate projects:

But there is more...


Saying you use recycled materials for your products is one thing, proving it is another. In 2020 we received the Recycled Content (QA-CER) certification which proves just that. It assures the quality system related to the recycling process and use of recycled materials. Both the recycled content and the quality of the end product are addressed in order to support the principle of sustainability. The Recycled Content certificate is issued and controlled by BQA in Belgium.

In addition to these certificates, Ecopots also had the FSC certificate for all the paper we use (for instance for our packaging) and our BSCI certification illustrates our determination in also being a good employer for our workers in our production facility.

The Ecopots HQ is located at the Evolis Business Park in Kortrijk, Belgium, a business park only open to innovative, sustainable and internationally oriented companies.

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Our brand


So, at Ecopots we use recycled materials to produce our pots. But that’s only half the story. In our philosophy, durability is more than reusing materials. It’s also about designing and producing products that are not only sturdy, frost resistant and break proof, but that are also timeless in their design and use of colours. Beautiful today, tomorrow and in ten years time. Because we believe the most durable products are those you don’t want – or have to - replace every year.

ECOPOTS Amsterdam Mini Grey set of three

Our design philosophy

Ecopots follows the Scandinavian design philosophy. In short, this philosophy is about creating a calm and clutter free home as a counter balance to hectic and stressful daily lives. It is being characterized by clean and simple lines, minimalism and the use of natural colours and materials. 

Cookstoves in Kenya

The aim of this project is for CO2logic and its partners to support the development and distribution of efficient cookstoves in order to save millions of trees, support families, boost economic activities and improve health conditions in Kenya.

Download the project sheet

Forest protection in Guatamala

This project will assure legality of land userights and decrease illegal practices that harm the environment. Project activities will better protect the environmental functions of the diverse ecosystem, lower greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation processes will be prevented.

Download the project sheet

Water in Rwanda

This project gives households access to clean water, which eliminates the need of boiling water for purification purposes. This saves a lot of wood which protects the trees and the forests.

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Ecopots support program for CO2 reduction